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01 September 2010 @ 12:23 pm
Being Human Fic.  
Title: There Are Moments When I'm Overcome
Author: omarandjohnny
(Fandom)Pairing: (Being Human) Carl/Dan, Mitchell
Rating: R
Word Count: 1795
Summary: Set during Mitchell's 'recovery' in Vienna, Valentine's Day. Spoilery for ep. 202, I reckon. Loosely inspired by THIS song.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Highlight for Warnings: * NONE *
Beta: sdkshelly

When you're in pieces
Just follow the echo of my voice
It's okay
Tune in to that frequency

“He really does need a wash, love,” Carl whispered, setting a plate of untouched food on the countertop before resting his head on Dan’s shoulder.

It had been six weeks of the same routine. Shouting, pleading, growling, and then finally, a kind of silence as the raving turned into melancholic whimpering. The worst withdrawal he’d ever witnessed, but considering the ‘patient,’ he wasn’t entirely surprised. Mitchell refused to eat every other day, some sort of misguided protest. One moment he’d be pleasant, he’d be a shadow of what they assumed the human John Mitchell had been. The next, he’d be teeth and rage and so much absent-minded hatred. He was no longer in the ropes, but still acted every bit the recovering addict behind bars.

Carl remembered the mood swings all too well.

“I know. It was just such a struggle the last time,” Dan replied, planting a light kiss on Carl’s forehead. The first time they tried to give him a bath had been two weeks after the New Year; Carl had misjudged the rate of withdrawal, and Dan had almost been gravely injured. “I just don’t want something to go wrong, today of all days.”

Carl nodded, aware of how much a disappointment this particular Valentine’s Day had been. Several dozen roses spread over the piano, champagne and a plate of chocolate-dipped fruit chilling in the refrigerator, the shine of it somehow tarnished by the situation in the guest bedroom. He felt terrible about forgetting, the realization like a dropped anvil when he spotted the flowers. He never knew another human to be so ridiculously sentimental--clichéd--about the holiday. Nevertheless, Carl always tried to humor him; in the end, it was just another tick on a long list of things he adored about Dan.

“I’m just afraid he’ll start to break down if we don’t take care of this now, Dan. It’s been the first quiet day in weeks.”

“Alright, let’s get this over with before the sun sets,” Dan said as he crossed the room, Carl following with a bundle of freshly laundered towels under his arm.

They prepared the bathroom like synchronized dancers, each knowing what to hide (shaving razors, grooming scissors), what went where, one clearing away more personal toiletries as the other neatly put out the towels and soaps. There was a rhythm, a calm beat that they seemed to follow as they worked. Team effort, all the way.


“Mitchell, we need you to wake up,” Carl brushed his arm as Dan peeled the duvet, damp with sweat, from the bed.

“Wha, what’s going on?” Mitchell croaked.

Naked, save for a pair of gray briefs, Carl could easily see the ladder of his friend’s ribs. His heart sank as he carefully lifted Mitchell off the mattress; the cruel shock of featherweight.

“Mate, I can’t stand for a shower, I just.”

Carl shook his head, refusing to accept any excuses. No matter how weak, he knew the hidden strengths--the predator within-- still could take hold. He gestured for Dan to stand on the other side of the room for a moment, while he surveyed. “Are you going to behave, Mitchell, or do I have to get the wrist restraints again?”

He waited for a liar’s expression to wash over Mitchell’s face. None rose to the surface, only harsh lines of exhaustion and ache. Carl gestured once more, signaling the all-clear for Dan.


Mitchell collapsed onto the commode as soon as they made it into the bathroom, smiling weakly as he watched Dan and Carl begin to remove their clothes. “So, I’m just here to watch then?”

“If you’re strong enough to be cheeky, you’re strong enough for a wash,” Dan chuckled back.

“I love you both, right, but I just don’t have the energy yet.”

Carl gathered the discarded clothing and put them in the hamper, and before Mitchell could refuse a third time, reached for the gray briefs. Mitchell looked down, and gave a defeated nod, watching Carl’s fingers as they traveled down his hips, slowly pulling the elastic. Underwear now at his feet, a flush of embarrassment visibly washed over the sick vampire as Mitchell saw how soiled he’d become.

Dan followed the vampire’s eye-line, and lightly stroked Mitchell’s hair. “It’s alright, it’s alright.” He then hooked an arm under Mitchell and led him over to the cast-iron bathtub.

Carl turned on the shower, and joined his arm with Dan’s as they helped Mitchell step over the lip of the giant tub. Forming an odd zigzag, they took turns putting him under the water, steadying Mitchell as much as they could. Dan grabbed the shampoo first, Carl helping to lather with a free hand, smiling nervously at Dan as he noticed Mitchell dozing in their arms.

“Mitchell, come on, we need you alert for this,” Carl said loudly, startling him awake.

“Okay, okay,” Mitchell replied, leaning harder on Dan’s shoulder as they continued to soap the rest of him. A light giggle-twitch here and there from Mitchell clued them in that even an ailing monster could still be ticklish. Dan rolled his eyes at Carl, and they both laughed tiredly, hands tangling and touching in Mitchell’s hair as they began to rinse him down.

“This has to be the most unusual Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had,” Dan joked, “but I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” He caressed Carl’s face with his free hand, and pulled them all close. Carl turned into Dan’s palm, kissing it.

Slightly rocking on his heels, Mitchell looked up at Dan, kissing his cheek. “Ah, Dan, I’m sorry, mate. Really sor…” He embraced the human tighter, and then let out a sickeningly low moan. “So warm, ah, Dan. So warm…”

Without warning, Carl slapped Mitchell’s neck and barked, “Mitchell! You must stay awake!”

Dan jumped at the panic in his partner’s voice, and shook Mitchell’s shoulders, knowing what would happen if Mitchell went too far away. “Mitchell, wake up now!”

Dan watched as Mitchell quickly blinked away the burgeoning transformation, shame replacing the deep black eyes. “I’m so sorry, Dan, I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s alright,” the human repeated like a mantra, and then continued to rinse off Mitchell’s thin frame.


Out of the shower and shuffled into the guest bedroom, the tandem act continued as Carl dressed Mitchell whilst Dan changed the sheets.

Mitchell sighed--the coolness of white cotton briefs against a naturally cold self was an odd comfort that Carl also remembered--and began to doze again, resting his damp hair against Carl’s face.

“Hang in there, almost done,” Carl said, softly patting his friend’s back. The bed now made, Carl guided Mitchell over, swinging him up just in time to let Dan drape the duvet over Mitchell’s legs.

Mitchell leaned up, kissing them both goodnight, and whispered, “I promise I’ll eat tomorrow.”


Showered, tired, and hungry, Carl and Dan padded off into the kitchen to grab the fruit plate and the champagne. Grabbing the glasses, Carl stole a kiss while Dan popped the cork from the bottle.

“Can’t get too out of sorts, love. Half a glass’ll suit me,” Carl continued to pepper Dan with kisses, from his cheek to his pulse point and back again.

Dan nodded, pouring half into both glasses, gathering food, drink and his companion as they made their way to the master bedroom. He switched on the light in the master bath, grinning as the dim light cast over their evening’s reward. “Need help with that?” He gestured at Carl’s robe, garnering a mischievous wink from his partner.

“As always, yes I do,” Carl replied, letting his arms go lax as Dan pulled the robe from his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

Both bare, they retreated to the bed, slipping under the large down-filled coverlet. Carl wrapped himself in Dan’s warmth, emitting a sigh of relief. He looked up at Dan, all gold hair and pink skin, and was all of a sudden flooded with the thought of all Dan had had to endure past and present, the litany of things he unquestioningly accepted that no human would normally sign up for.

Dan caught the look in Carl’s eye and became concerned. “Are you okay?”

Carl muttered a quick yes, and then dove for Dan’s mouth, kissing him roughly. Slightly shocked by his own actions, he paused momentarily, and was pleasantly met with Dan’s tongue darting forth, parting his lips, wanting to explore. Carl returned again with equal force, the heat of his partner’s mouth overwhelming his senses.

Dan tugged at Carl’s lower lip with his teeth, and started to move downwards.

“No, no. Not tonight, love,” Carl playfully snarled, rolling the human onto his back. “It’s your turn to lie back and relax.”


Dan gave a wide grin, and melted into the mattress, groaning as Carl licked cooled stripes across his chest, amused at the slight pebbling of his nipples due to the temperature shift. He watched Carl slowly move along his stomach, the fuzzy trail of hair being matted down and darkened by spit. Lost in the sensation, Dan closed his eyes for a beat, and then gasped as Carl licked the tip of his cock.

Carl then took him in, swallowing the shaft with a delighted moan. Dan marveled at the precise bob of his partner’s head, the controlled pressure of his mouth. He threaded his fingers through Carl’s short, dark locks, doing his best to savor every second. He had no real idea how much restraint went into ‘safe sex’ for vampires, but always seeing the knot of tension in Carl’s brow when they were in bed concerned him. Though really, he could ever only entrust and observe. And that was enough for Dan.

He felt Carl take him in deeper, throat muscles sending electric shocks through his stomach, down his legs, making his toes splay and spasm. He felt Carl swallow repeatedly, each time causing new explosions of light in the back of his brain. He always fell quickly when Carl sucked him off, no matter how hard he tried, there was just something so much more powerful guiding the experience. Balls cradled, he held on to the last spark for as long as he could, letting the light dance to the pulse of Carl’s movements. Then a final grip of suction and Dan let go, wet ribbons filling Carl’s mouth with heat. They groaned again, in tandem, and collapsed into each other’s arms.


Dan had fallen asleep minutes after orgasm, liquor and fruit untouched. And even though Carl was wide awake and pinned under one of Dan’s thick, freckled arms, he didn’t have the heart to wake him.

Instead, he lightly ghosted a message along Dan’s bicep with his forefinger…it’s alright.


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calistomythcalistomyth on September 1st, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Perfectly Beautiful.
And I imagine it would be quite a read with the awesome music you're currently listening to...

I wonder what Mitchell's going to be like recovering from his 'relapse' in series 2 in the long term?
{Johnny Angel}: ju gives it two thumbs up!omarandjohnny on September 1st, 2010 07:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for reading!

And I've wondered that as well, I tell ya, January can't come quickly enough ;)
owensheart: Mtearsowensheart on September 1st, 2010 07:02 pm (UTC)
It kind of hurts to think of Mitchell like this but beaking an addiction is heard realy hard

wonderfully written.
{Johnny Angel}: jcb- the lady smokesomarandjohnny on September 1st, 2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for reading! ;)
Ciaranandreth47 on September 8th, 2010 01:08 pm (UTC)
Nifty fic. I like the use of minor-character pov, and getting a glimpse into their lives. :DD
{Johnny Angel}omarandjohnny on September 8th, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Thankies, darling :DD
(Deleted comment)
{Johnny Angel}omarandjohnny on May 16th, 2012 12:17 am (UTC)
You are most certainly added, sir! All aboard my crazy train :)

While I'm asking, what part of Mellencampia do you hail from? I was born in Richmond, and spent a good chunk of my childhood in the 'villes- Pennville, Brookville, Connorsville, and everybody's favorite, Lawrenceburg.
(Deleted comment)
{Johnny Angel}omarandjohnny on May 16th, 2012 12:25 am (UTC)
Ah, so you're probably a wee closer to where I live now, which is about a hour from Chicago (South Elgin). I lovingly refer to it as the Armpit of Illinois.
(Deleted comment)
{Johnny Angel}omarandjohnny on May 16th, 2012 12:39 am (UTC)
Yeah, as much as I wax nostalgic about my childhood, I couldn't even try to live there now.