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22 September 2015 @ 07:30 pm

(last year’s looks: Thurman of the Baseball Furies, Kieren Walker, King Edward II, Burke, Otho Fenlock, and my signature Skullyface)


I dunno how many of you remember my (failed attempt at) Seven Days of Halloween last year? Well, since we have five Saturdays in October (Halloween being the fifth), I thought it’d be fun to go at the impromptu costume game in a different way. So, who wants to play “Every (satur)Day is Halloween” with me?

If you’re looking for a couple hours to kill during those Saturdays and want to play dress-up with stuff you’ve got laying around the house, join in! If you’re one of my amazing cosplay friends and want to test out some new looks, join in! If you’re a hardcore Halloweeeener and need more than one day to express yourself this October, PLEASE JOIN IN! Whether you're on IJ, LJ, Tumblr, FB, Instagram, etc. Just make sure to post pics somewheres!

No real rules to the game, you can use whatever bits and bobs you’ve got around the house, cosplay regalia, old costumes that need to feel loved again, etc. This is supposed to be fun, so there’s absolutely no pressure to get anything *right.* If you just want to throw on a feather boa and call yourself Frank, that’s a costume! WORK THAT SHIT! ;)

So, yeah. Who wants to play with me? (heh)
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